Bread for the World Sunday

On October 18, Scandian Grove celebrated Bread for the World Sunday. Bread for the World is a nonprofit ecumenical organization which works to end hunger around the world. Their work with churches is focused on helping congregations learn how to be active voices in their community and government on behalf of those in need of food security assistance, especially children. Currently one of their goals is encouraging the government to maintain assistance to those in need in the USA. For more information, take a look at their website, linked above, or check out the materials in the narthex!

Rev. Jean Paulite - Haitian Ministries

Rev. Jean Paulite was with us on September 27, to preach, and to tell us more about his work ministering to Haitians in the Dominican Republic. Haiti and the Dominican Republic have a long history of conflict; uneasily sharing their island of Hispaniola. Haitian immigrants and refugees have sought safety in the Dominican Republic after several catastrophes in the last 200 years, often facing prejudice and violence. Families of Haitian descent who have lived in the Dominican Republic for generations still face the threat of deportation to a country they never knew, and the situation has grown worse over the past several months. We enjoy welcoming Rev. Paulite and supporting his ministry.

Compassion: Sponsor a Child

Megan, a member of SGLC, would like to tell you more about how you can sponsor a child through Compassion! Come to church to learn more from her, or to pick up a brochure. Or you can learn more through the Compassion website.

Ecuador Mission Trip - Jan 2016

Recently Jenna, a member of Scandian Grove, went to Ecuador on a mission trip.  While she was there she worked with a group called Extreme Response, and spent time at a variety of childcare facilities, including orphanages, day cares and places helping children with special needs.  Extreme Response has a variety of programs combating poverty and human trafficking.  Also, Jenna is currently putting together another team to return to Ecuador for a week in January 2016!  Use the "Email Us" button on our website and we will put you in contact with her.