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Letters from a Skeptic by Gregory & Edward Boyd - Ed & Greg are father and son. Originally both atheists, Greg came to the Christian faith as an adult, and longed to share it with his father. Recognizing his father’s discomfort with the subject, he offered to thoughtfully answer any question his father asked- in writing. A gift to any family with religious differences.

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman - A classic for a reason, this book isn’t just for married couples. While some of the illustrations used might not be useful for everyone, this is a great book to learn about how we communicate in different ways, whether with our spouses, children, neighbors, or friends.

A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren - What does it mean to be a Christian? Everyone seems to have a different answer, and everyone seems to have a reason someone else is wrong. In the midst of this, Brian McLaren walks the reader though many Christian traditions and points of view, showing how each points to Christ.

Ask, Thank, Tell by Charles R Lane - What is stewardship? What does stewardship look like? How can we get past our nervousness around the subject, to make sure the church has necessary resources for years to come? In this book, a new model for stewardship is outlined that is straightforward and lets the church do its job.

A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans - Rachel started to question what she’d been taught as a child about the role of women as she grew older. To explore her questions, she investigated what the Bible had to say about women, and tried something new every month for a year. Follow her journey filled with humor & faith!

Evolution from Creation to New Creation by Ted Peters & Martinez Hewlett - The theories of evolution and creationism are no longer two opposing viewpoints, but a spectrum of options. In this book, a theologian and a scientist examine what the Book of Nature and the Book of Scripture have to say, and discover that they complement each other in exciting ways!

Naked Spirituality by Brian McLaren - Ever ask, “Isn’t there more to living faith than this?” Hoping for spiritual growth but out of ideas of where to turn? McLaren strips away the bells & whistles of 12 spiritual practices, describing them in their simplest, most powerful forms. Try something new or a new spin on a beloved favorite!

Devotional Classics by Richard J. Foster & James Bryan Smith - Feeling like your religious reading has been a little shallow lately? Would you like to try some religious classics but you’d like help? This book provides short excerpts from several religious classics, along with introductions and deep devotional questions to get to the heart of faith.

Crazy Talk by Karl Jacobson & Marc Ostlie-Olson - Did you hear a word you didn’t know in church but you’d rather not ask? Ever wonder “Is there a word for that?” Do you wish your faith had a bit more humor in it? This is a dictionary of religious terms with an added twist of humor! Spice up your vocabulary and have fun doing it.

Surprised by Hope by NT Wright - What happens when we die? Has anyone tried to “scare you straight” with stories of hellfire and damnation? Does the book of Revelation confuse you? (Hint: the answer to that last one is “yes”.) Explore life, death, and salvation; and be surprised again by the Christian message of hope.

Darkness is My Only Companion by Kathryn Greene-McCreight - How does our faith impact our lives, when our lives involve mental illness? Where is God in depression or bipolar disorder or other conditions? What is the Christian response to a suicide attempt or a 72 hour hold? This book looks at these questions and more.

Faith Unraveled by Rachel Held Evans - Why write a memoir at 27? When your faith journey feels more like a faith rollercoaster, the story’s worth hearing! The daughter of a theology professor at a very conservative school, Rachel asks questions about faith, science and life as she explores the world.

So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane - The first book in the Young Wizards series, this is an example of young adult fiction that adults can love, too! When Nita and Kit take an oath to protect all life, they are granted powerful abilities. Science, faith, and bravery work together to protect all of Creation.

The Blue Parakeet by Scot McKnight - Why are there female pastors, but we don’t take the Lord’s name in vain? What does it mean to “take the Bible literally” & should we? How do our own expectations impact how we understand Scripture? How can we stop trying to “tame” the Bible? This books addresses all that and more!

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