Who is welcome to worship at Scandian Grove?

Everyone is welcome! We are all beloved creations of God, and all people are welcome to worship at Scandian Grove.


Can I bring my kids to worship services at Scandian Grove?

We’d love it if you did! All children, no matter how young, are joyfully welcomed at our worship services. We expect children to make a little noise here and there during the service- we hear that noise as the Holy Spirit rejoicing in the future of the church, and we rejoice in it too! If a child becomes truly upset, however, and needs to calm down away from the crowd, feel free to go to another part of the building for a little while if you’d like. The sound system pipes the service throughout the building and you’ll still be able to hear what’s going on.


Can I take part in Communion at Scandian Grove?

Holy Communion is the Lord’s table, it does not belong to us, but to God. Therefore, all Christians are welcome to take Communion at Scandian Grove. Anyone who, for whatever reason, does not feel comfortable receiving Communion with us is always welcome to come forward during Communion to receive a blessing from the Pastor. (Please keep your hands down and folded when Pastor reaches you as a sign that you do not wish to receive Communion.)


Is a visitor likely to get confused about what happens next at a worship service here?

We do use both a bulletin and a hymnal for most of our worship services, and we are constantly working to make the service as easy to navigate as possible. However, if you are ever confused, please feel free to ask anyone sitting near you for help- we are a friendly bunch and would be delighted to lend a hand!


What kind of worship services do you have at Scandian Grove?

Currently, we celebrate Holy Communion on the first and third Sunday of every month, and occasionally at other times (Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Easter, etc.). If there is a fifth Sunday in a month, we have a “hymn sing” and the congregation gets to choose a couple extra hymns to enjoy during the service.


Do you make visitors get up and introduce themselves during the service?

Absolutely not! Our goal is for you to want to come back, after all, and we don’t want to embarrass you.


Is the music any good at Scandian Grove?

We think so! We have wonderful musicians and an excellent choir, and we rejoice in their gifts. But our real focus when it comes to music is on the congregation’s singing together during the several hymns we have during each service, and we strive for those hymns to be easy to sing, enjoyable, and beautiful, all for the glory of God. That said, if you “don’t sing”, please feel free to belt the hymns out, loud and proud, anyway! We sing not to impress one another, but in thanksgiving and praise to God, who doesn’t care whether we’re on key. (And the folks who are off-key just encourage the others to sing louder, anyway.)


Is Scandian Grove part of a denomination?

We are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, or the ELCA. It is the largest Lutheran denomination in the USA. The word “Evangelical” means “one who spreads the good news”; that is, the good news that Christ died and rose again to save the world. For more information, please visit the national website at http://elca.org/ or for more local information, see our synod website at http://swmnelca.org/


What does it mean to be Lutheran?

That is a question we could spend weeks answering. The short version: the aspect of God we tend to focus on most is God’s grace. We cannot earn God’s love or forgiveness; it is always completely a gift. Perhaps the Bible verses that illustrate this best are Ephesians 2:8-9: “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God— not the result of works, so that no one may boast.” (NRSV)


What does Scandian Grove believe about God?

We recite either the Apostles’ Creed or the Nicene Creed at our worship services, and also pray the Lord’s Prayer. We believe that God is the Three-in-One, the Trinity: God the Creator, God the Redeemer (Jesus Christ), and God the Sanctifier (Holy Spirit)- who are all one. We believe God’s love is stronger than our own actions.


What does Scandian Grove believe about us?

We believe that we are all equal before God. We are equally sinners, because no matter how hard we try we cannot, on our own, reach a perfect relationship with God- we depend on God’s reaching out to us. And we are equally saints, because God does constantly reach out to us in love and never, ever stops. We are made holy by God, and as God’s love overflows in us, we strive to share it with others, through everyday kindness and charity.


What does Scandian Grove believe about the Bible?

The Bible is the “source and norm” of all our teaching. It is the third manifestation of God’s Word in the world- the first being Jesus Christ, the Word Incarnate (John 1:1-5), and the second being the Word of God as it is active and dynamic in the world through the Holy Spirit, often via preaching. We understand it to be a collection of writings inspired by God and written over thousands of years, by different people in cultures very different from our own, and yet it truly shows us who God is. When we read the Bible, we read it “through the lens” of Jesus Christ and in light of his death and resurrection.


What does Scandian Grove believe about various “hot-button” social issues?

For many issues, we probably have members who take a variety of positions. More important for us is that, different as we are, we choose to worship God together, to recognize one another as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and to pray for and with one another. We also recognize that the gifts of the Holy Spirit reside in all people, and we celebrate all of those gifts.